Manga Series Review – Chrono Crusade

Written by Kei on May 8th, 2009

Chrono Crusade (クロノ クルセイ)

Chrono Crusade is a shounen manga series with action, adventure, fantasy, and a dash of sci-fi.


It’s the Roaring 20’s in America, right after World War I and before the Second World War. An organization of Demon hunting priests and nuns called the Magdalan Order are busy dealing with Demons trying to come through the borders. Enter Rosette Christopher and her Demon partner, Chrono. Despite being a Demon himself, Chrono is faithful to his partner Rosette and together they hunt Demons who torment the human world. This relationship may be in part due to the contract made between Chrono and Rosette, but it probably is due to the emotional bond these two shares. Things start stirring and it feels like something big is about to happen. How strong is the bond between these two different beings?


Wow. I’ll save you from reading the rest of this review; this series was great! Going in, I wasn’t expecting it to be more than your average manga series. I’m glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The story centered around Rosette and Chrono as they made their way to find Rosette’s brother, Joshua. There was hardly any filler content in the story. Most of the events built the story up and lead to an intense crescendo. The pacing was very good as well. I had trouble putting the mangas down after the first few chapters. The narration may seem a little weird at first, and some of the way some of the flashbacks are portrayed as well. You may brush this off as typical inconsistency, until you hit the end. I don’t want to give it away by going in to detail, but it will be a pleasant surprise. Also, I’ve heard that the anime’s story line did not really follow the manga’s. So, if you’ve watched the anime, you may want to re-visit this series through the manga.

This series is rated for teens (13 and above), and for the most part, that is probably the correct rating. However, there is some nudity (non-frontal) and there are also some violent situations depicted in detail. Other than that, there isn’t much that would throw the given rating into question. The story may contain some disturbing elements, but it’s a stretch to say it’ll affect the reader. Also I’m not sure if this was clear from the summary or the rest of the review, but the series has a lot of supernatural and fantasy elements.

The art is pretty typical, which led to my earlier assumption of this series being an average manga series. The art style is probably close to the late 90’s to maybe around 2004-2006 styled art. That’s not saying it is bad, in fact it is pretty decent. The character and prop design are interesting, but not overly dramatic. The scenery art is pretty good and gets even better towards the end. Nothing earth-shattering, but still it is a good art style that flows with the storytelling and doesn’t detract from it.

As I stated at the beginning of this review, I liked it. I’m pretty picky about mangas and stuff, and that doesn’t even take into account the type of flow and consistency the story has. So with that being said, I think this is one of the most balanced mangas I’ve read in a long while. The balance of story, art, pacing, consistency, and even character design and interactions make this a great read.

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