Manga Series Review – Hyper Police

Written by Kei on May 1st, 2009

Hyper Police (はいぱーぽり)


In the future, monsters, hybrids, and mutants take over as the dominant species and humans are on the verge of extinction. They don’t seem too worried about it though. Society has changed dramatically, leaving the catching of criminals to bounty hunters. Enters Natsuki Sasahara, a half-cat half human hybrid bounty hunter just taking life one step at a time. Natsuki is joined by an eclectic cast of friends whom she meets through interesting circumstances. Watch Natsuki and friends journey through life in a not-as-grim-as-it-sounds future.


In Hyper Police, the backdrop is nothing more than a stage for the characters in this story. The whole bounty hunter and humans living with monsters premise feels like it was supposed to be something more, but relegated to a lesser role. Really, this manga series is more about a group of friends whose lives you get to be a part of for awhile. It may be a bunch of weird, horny, and funny friends, but then again that’s what makes it so interesting. All in all, if you’re expecting a story that builds up to a crescendo and goes out with a bang, this isn’t for you. This is a story you enjoy without all the complications of plots and sub-plots. Usually I wouldn’t go for a story like this, but it worked out well.

Though the series has a recommended rating of older teens and above, there aren’t a lot of mature situations. There is nudity, but it isn’t gratuitous. Also, there are implied sexual encounters (mating season anyone?), but I don’t remember them being depicted. A manga series like Hyper Police that incorporates bounty hunting would usually have more gruesome violence. This series does depict fights and whatnot, but the gore is not excessive. I should probably mention that this manga is kind of ecchi, though it’s not too bad and (usually) doesn’t push it too far. I would still stick to the older teen rating, but keep in mind that some of the content falls within acceptable range. What is considered acceptable really depends on your personal tolerance level and preferences.

I must admit, the art is different than your run-of-the-mill manga. I would like to say it is more detailed, but that wouldn’t be entirely correct. There are some of situations where the details are a bit scant. I think there seems to be an added sense of depth in the artwork, but I’m not sure what really contributes to it. Though some of it is cartoony, it still has a bit of weight to it. It works out well, especially considering the type of atmosphere this world is set in.

The backdrop and art style makes you wonder if the artist/author wanted to take this into a certain direction. You would think this is a really serious, dark manga series, but it’s not. I’m not a fan of those random story type mangas or those with excessive comedy (especially when it’s done badly), but I think Hyper Police ended up giving me a good balance. No aspect went overboard, but it wasn’t an uninteresting read. Going through this manga series made me feel like I was hanging out with a group of friends and enjoying life with them. If you read as much manga as I do, this will be a welcomed break from the more complex stories that most mangas sport. It was a good read.

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